Your Story of Connection

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Sharing YOUR story of Connection!

What does “connecting” mean to you? During this past year, we have all thought about connections more as we were faced with the prospect of not being able to enjoy them the way we are accustomed to. We weren’t able to gather with family and friends over holidays, we weren’t able to celebrate birthdays, weddings and graduations with a festive party, we couldn’t even meet a friend for coffee, catch up with a co-worker, or watch our children’s recitals. There were no concerts, no sporting events, no parades. This lack of connection had us all even more desperate to find ways to connect.
So how did we all stay connected? How do we honor those important connections when we can’t be together in person? People got creative, and almost everyone adopted ZOOM in their everyday vocabulary. Now that we are slowly beginning to resume some tentative steps towards life as we knew it, we are reflecting on this past year as we look to the future. Creating connections has always been a mainstay of the work that we do at Circle Center.
Connections are a powerful tool to combat social isolation and create community. The Moments of Joy that bloom when aging adults connect with each other and create meaningful friendships. The moment when caregivers connect with each other and realize they aren’t alone. The moment when family members discover new ways to continue to connect with their loved ones. The moments when we connect with our community with support, compassion and resources.  These are the moments of connection we are celebrating and we hope to continue to support long into the future.

We invite you to share your story.

What kind of stories should I share?
Has Circle Center provided you or a loved one with a special story of connecting or a new appreciation of what it means to connect? How have you stayed connected with friends and family this year? What is a memory of connecting with a loved one that makes you happy?
How will I share my story?
A picture, a short paragraph, a recorded video shot on your iPhone. Send images, stories and videos to with the subject line: Stories of Connection. Please note if you would like your story to remain anonymous.
What will Circle Center do with my story?
We will be sharing stories of connection throughout our Anniversary celebration and beyond, on Facebook, through our e-blasts, on our website, and our YouTube channel. We hope to continue the Share your Stories of Connection campaign as an ongoing effort to highlight the importance of connections in our lives and to illustrate the many ways that Circle Center creates, celebrates and encourages connections.