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Karen Deutsch

Jan 28, 2019

Karen Deutsch has been brightening days here for years. Come meet one of the volunteers that make Circle Center such a special place.

What do you do at Circle Center?

Help with crafts, play games, serve snack and lunch, run errands, a little bit of everything.

How long have you volunteered here and why did you start?

It will be 8 years in June and I was asked by the previous CEO to volunteer here.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering here? Any favorite stories?

The people, I enjoy talking to them and listening to their stories. The staff is fun to work with and are very nice. I enjoy doing the art group.

And a little about yourself – what would we find you doing in your spare time? 

When I’m not here I go to exercise class and I help people at 5100 condominiums – taking them places and helping them to do things in their homes. I enjoy going to movies and I always find a way to get out and do things! I volunteer with the arthritis foundation and I enjoy being with my family.

Do you have a pet? If so, tell us a bit about it.

No, I wish I could!

What is your idea of a great celebration meal or treat?

I like Italian and Vietnamese food and enjoy going out to eat.

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