Our Services During COVID

The aging adults we care for remain our top priority. We know how important it is to engage and participate in meaningful social connections and experience fun and rewarding activities. Our Center provides that through a multidisciplinary team including licensed Recreational Therapists and Certified Nursing Assistants. We also have a registered Nurse to assist with medication management and monitoring and assessment of other health related needs. Our Social Worker helps onboard families and individuals through the intake process and is a constant resource for both caregivers and participants in a whole host of ways.

The multidisciplinary team works together to contribute to the daily running of the Center in ensuring that aging adults in our care during the day have the best possible day with us. Check out our monthly activity calendar for a list of activities participants engage in daily.

During the pandemic, we’ve gotten very creative with our spacing in program areas and program activity set-up and resources to accommodate all health and safety guidelines issues by the Virginia Department of Health for Adult Day settings. Because of that, you’ll see that our staff is dedicated and focused on providing a healthy, safe environment.

Click Here for some COVID related FAQ’s

Here is our promise to those we serve:


  • We have a limited visitor policy at this time. Please contact the Center for further information.
  • We have daily symptom screening for all participants and visitors.
  • All who enter our building must wear face coverings.
  • While on site, participants will be required to wear a mask (with the exception of anyone who is unable to remove it without assistance, has difficulty breathing, or any other side effect e.g. anxiety/agitation.)
  • Participants will maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other while in the facility. If the participant is not able to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet from others, they will be expected to wear a mask. If a participant is unable to maintain physical distancing AND is unable to wear a mask they will be discharged from the facility due to public health and safety concerns.
  • We have emergency preparedness and infection prevention and control plans in place.
  • Our staff is trained in infection control practices and follows established protocols based on that training. We have experienced managing illness outbreaks, such as flu, and have a heightened awareness of the possible risk to our participants posed by viral illnesses such as flu, norovirus, and COVID-19.



We have a list of resources as well as virtual activities and programs that are available for anyone in our community to access while at home. We also understand the challenges faced by our caregivers and we have assembled a list of helpful resources to offer help and support.

Click HERE for Virtual Resources and Activities
Click HERE for Caregiver Resources