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Audrey Skeen has been a volunteer with Circle Center for 11 years.  As a young girl she felt herself drawn to the elder community spending time in her grandmother’s nursing home.  Then, as an adult, she found herself in a position to be able to give her time in a variety of organizations. Audrey has been a part of planning large events for the Center over the years including Art for the Ages art show and The Boomer Ball where she was an integral liaison between the art community and the Center.  She has led many different activities, pottery class and enjoyed being a 1:1 companion.  She currently assists in planning, preparing and directing an art/craft group each week.

Audrey’s passion for the elder community is apparent even in a brief conversation with her.  She advocates for their care and lifts up the importance of their contributions both past and present.  She enjoys spending the time to find the heart and spirit in individuals; their “Twinkle.”  Her volunteer work with individuals and small groups is driven by finding what helps a participant feel comfortable, calm and happy.  Our own participants have identified her sense of humor, creativity and her unique laugh as things that endear her to them.

“The twinkle in an elder’s eye when they view their artwork captures the childlike spirit that lives within each of us!”

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