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How to Choose Adult Daycare

Now that I feel Adult Day Care is right for my loved one, how do I choose an Adult Day Care Center?

A quality adult day care program should include the following:

  • An individual needs assessment before admission to determine the person’s range of abilities and needs
  • An active program that meets the daily social, recreational, and rehabilitative needs of the person in care
  • An individualized treatment plan for participants that is monitored regularly and adjusted as necessary;
  • Referrals to other needed community services
  • Clear criteria for service and guidelines for termination based on the functional status of the person in care
  • Full range of in-house services, which may include personal care, transportation, meals, health screening and monitoring, educational programs, counseling, and rehabilitative services
  • A safe, secure environment
  • Qualified and well-trained volunteers
  • Adheres to or exceeds existing state and national standards and guidelines

A good place to begin searching for a program is the Yellow Pages, which will list possible options under “Day Care Centers-Adult.” The Better Business Bureau has information on for-profit and non-profit adult day care centers. At the national level, contact the National Council on Aging (NCOA), National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) for a set of guidelines for adult day service programs (see Resources). Local Area Agencies on Aging can also direct you to adult day care centers in your area. Ultimately, word of mouth is often one of the best ways of finding quality adult day care.

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