Music Therapy Programs

Guided Programs:

For a guided program experience, select from the programs below. These programs will be narrated by our Program Director, and Recreational Therapist, Mary Branzelle.
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Name That Tune – Hymns


Self Directed:

For an independent program experience, select from the following options and go at your own pace.

Rock Appreciation – Queen 
Rock Appreciation – The Rolling Stones 
Rock Appreciation – The Beatles 
Music Appreciation – Jazz
Music Appreciation – The Rat Pack
Music Appreciation – Doris Day 
Music Appreciation – The Temptations 
Music Appreciation – The Bee Gees
Music Appreciation – The Jackson 5 

Name That Tune
Name That Tune – Artist’s of the 1950’s, 60’s, & 70’s
Name That Tune – Driving Songs
Name That Tune – Walking Songs
Name That Tune – Broadway
Name That Tune – Elvis Songs
Name That Tune – Weather Songs
Name That Tune – Hymns 

Singalongs – Videos to Sing Along to some familiar tunes