How to Play Virtual BINGO

Bingo Cards Information:

  • Click HERE to buy your bingo cards (tickets) through Eventbrite
    • You may purchase 1 BINGO card for $20 or 3 for $45.
    • If you are purchasing cards for others (friends or family members) please make a note at time of order how you would like them separated.
    • You will have the option to print a hard copy of the BINGO card if you wish to play with a printed card versus an electronic card on a device (you can use a computer, laptop, tablet or phone).
  • If you do not print your Bingo Cards we recommend using two devices: one device (such as smart tv, laptop or tablet) to watch the live trivia stream on YouTube (web address here) and a second device (such as your cell phone or a tablet) to access your bingo cards and mark off clues called — If you chose to use only one device, we recommend a laptop where you can set up a split-screen or quickly flip between the YouTube tab and your Bingo cards tab to play.
  • No matter when you purchase via Eventbrite ALL Bingo cards will be emailed directly to you Friday, May 21st after 12pm. 


  • Open a web browser and enter the address for the YouTube Live (from confirmation email) or click HERE
  • On a separate device or a different tab in your browser, open your Bingo cards that were sent to your email address.  This can be done on any device with internet access
  • Don’t forget to mark your FREE SPACE!
  • Pay close attention to the Youtube Live to see which Bingo clues are being called
  • If you have that clue on any of your Bingo cards, simply click the box with the matching clue and a red “X” will cover that square.
    • IF you are using a PRINT Bingo card, make sure to use something NON permanent to mark your card.
  • A winning card is any card with 5 consecutive Xs in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line


  • THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE WINNER PER GAME! You need to “call Bingo” as fast as possible to claim your win and be eligible for the prize
  •   There are 2 separate ways to “Call” Bingo if you have a winning card
  1. You can TEXT us at 804-223-2032 with Bingo and your card number
  2. You can comment in the Youtube Live chat with Bingo and your card number (NOTE: You must be logged in to YouTube to comment.  If you do not have an account, we suggest making one prior to the game.  Any Gmail address will work!)
  3. If more than one person correctly calls Bingo during any game, we will use a tie-breaker feature to determine one winner

 Any questions. Email

Special Thank You to Lauren and Alex Glaser of The Glaser Group at Long & Foster Realtors