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Balance & Hope: The Power of Your Support

Apr 17, 2024

The Merchant Family

How can I help my mother? How can I find balance?

My name is Anisa Merchant and I am a devoted caregiver to my parents, Banoo and Mehdi, both of whom attend Circle Center. My mom, Banoo, has been coming to the Center since 2018 and my dad, Mehdi, began attending last fall.

I also work full-time in healthcare and before mom started at Circle Center, I would cry every day and pray that I’d find a solution to her need for social interaction in a safe environment while I work, as well as a better way to stay on top of her health. Then I found Circle Center. When dad’s dementia symptoms increased, there was no question where we would look for help.

My dad was hesitant to attend at first. But now every evening, my dad lays out his clothes for the next day and asks, ‘I’m going tomorrow, right?’ What makes me so happy is that my dad has regained a sense of purpose, as well as the hope that he had lost due to his disease progression and spending so much time alone at home.

“My parents’ quality of life and mine are night and day from what they once were. Circle Center is truly an answer to my prayers.

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