Educational/Cognitive Resources

Printable Activities:

Crossword Puzzle – Famous Tour Sites
Crossword Puzzle – Hobbies   
Crossword Puzzle – Spring
Crossword Puzzle Answers
Spring CrossWord – Presentation
Spring CrossWord
Spring CrossWord Answers
Spring Wordsearch
“Tic Tac Toe Trivia”  Template 
Trivia Questions
Trivia Answers
Matching Items Word Search
They Go Together – Word Search 
1950’s TV Word Search
1950’s Movie Word Search 
1960’s Movies Word Search
1960’s TV Word Search

How it’s Made:

How it’s Made – Paper Products
How it’s Made – Water Equipment

Trivia, Games, Presentations

Who, What, When, Where – Famous Singers 
Who, What, When, Where  – Famous Actors

Nature Trivia – All About Birds
Flower Power Trivia 
Trivia – Breakfast Food Commercials 
Trivia – Radio Programs
Birds of Virginia 

1950’s TV Programs – Presentation find printable activity above
1950’s Movies Word Search – Presentation find printable activity above
1960’s TV Shows and Movies Word Searches – Presentation find printable activity above
Brain Games – Brain Teasers
Brain Games – Anagram Riddles
They Go Together – Word Association Game
Matching Items – Word Association Game
What’s in Your Toolbox
What’s in the Bag – Grocery Store Items
What’s in your Garage


Facts about Coca-Cola
True or False – Old Wives’ Tales
East Coast Beaches
Benefits of Aromatherapy 
Aromatherapy Facts
Natural Resources