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The Power of A Recurring Gift

Apr 16, 2024

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Did you know that how, not how much, you give to a nonprofit can increase your impact and help the nonprofit operate more effectively? Being able to count on a certain amount of giving every month really can make all the difference.

The most intriguing line item of any nonprofit’s annual budget is fundraising. Why? Because it’s always the big unknown. Thanks to several foundations, corporations, and individuals like you who spread the word about our mission and give, our unknown grows smaller year over year, but the question remains: Will we raise the necessary funds this year to deliver our mission effectively and with an eye to the future?

That’s where GEMs make a big difference. GEMs are Circle Center donors who give every month vs. one or two times a year. You see, that means that we can, pardon the pun, bank on a certain amount of financial support monthly, which in turn helps us plan.

GEMs make it possible for us to:

  • plan for the sharp increase in older adults that would benefit from adult day;
  • access and integrate the latest dementia research findings into our program; and,
  • address caregiver needs more comprehensively.

This time last year, we had six GEMs. Today, we have 28 who account for 20% of our annual fundraising goal from individuals, 7% of our overall fundraising goal. With your help, we know these numbers will increase. Knowing we can count on monthly recurring gifts makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Our fiscal year ends June 30th. If you’re considering making a gift, we hope you’ll check the recurring donor box on our online giving form. In doing so, you’ll join a small but mighty band of GEMs who make the unknown smaller and our mission BIGGER!