Please contact our social worker, Jay Burkhardt, MSW, to coordinate the admissions/intake process at Circle Center. Getting a participant involved at the Center first includes a tour and discussion of your loved one’s needs. Generally, we encourage a family member to tour the Center first, and then bring the participant back at a later date to meet the staff and explore the Center.

To arrange a tour, please contact Jay Burkhardt at 804.355.5717 or email

Jay will provide you with a Medical Statement and Pre-Admission forms to complete before your loved one is enrolled at the Center. Once returned to the Center, a Plan of Care is formulated by our staff with your input – see the section on care planning below – and your loved one’s first day is scheduled.

Scholarship applications based upon financial need are available upon request.

Plan of Care

The first step of our admissions plan is to create an individualized Plan of Care (POC) prior to an individual starting at the Center. This Plan of Care is created with input from participant, family and Circle Center staff. The process by which your participant’s Plan of Care is developed begins on the first tour of the Center. Assessments are conducted by our multidisciplinary team made up of our full time nurse, program director and social worker.  These assessments are generally done in person when the potential participant comes to the Center to tour, and also over the phone once the Center has the Medical Statement and Pre-Admission forms.

You will receive a copy of the Plan of Care once it is completed and your participant’s doctor will also be mailed a copy. The Plan of Care is updated quarterly or more often as needed, and you are invited to contribute to the Plan of Care by attending one of our staff meetings or by speaking to one of our social workers, care coordinator or to one of our nurses.

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