A Day at Circle Center

SandraDeveloping new relationships and hobbies can occur at any point in our lives, as we witness everyday here at Circle Center.

Come join us for a brief journey through a day at Circle Center. Learn a few of the many options for daily activities from which our participants can choose; find out what’s on the menu for snack and lunch every day; and read about the joys and laughter experienced by one of our participants. As you will see as we follow Sandra through the day, there are many opportunities to engage, learn, and socialize. Let’s get started …


*Please note that this “day” is reflective of our pre-pandemic schedule. While we are continuing to offer a full day of activities and engagement, it looks a little different due to our program modifications in accordance with our COVID-19 Health & Safety protocols. For a current activity calendar, please check out the “Activity Calendar” in the “This Month at Circle Center” side-bar on the home page. 

7:30 AM – Pancakes for breakfast

pancakesEach day when she arrives you can hear “Good morning Sandra, how are you today?”, echoing among the participants and staff as she enters the small activity room for breakfast. On today’s breakfast menu is homemade pancakes. The smell of maple syrup permeates the halls and everyone knows Carolyn, our dietary aide, has the griddle hot and ready to serve. Sandra gathers at the table for her breakfast with some friends as they chat about the events at the Center or things happening in the community. Sandra’s smile is broad and brightens the day of those around her.

8 AM – Catching up with friends

Sandra makes her way to the Large Activity Room for morning activities and to catch up with friends. Sandra saves a seat for her friends Mildred, Geraldine and Evelyn. They have developed quite the friendship and will participate in discussion groups, card games, bingo, dominoes or other similar games.

9 AM – Workout and walking

Sandra exercisingNext on the agenda she will make her way to Wellness for our Boost Your Bones program. This is a strength and balance program using exercise bands, weighted hand-sized balls, gross motor, and balance training. This really gets Sandra’s muscles warmed up and ready for the walking program that follows. Each of our participants are assigned a pedometer to track their steps throughout the day. Nick, our Wellness Manager, logs the steps they walk on a daily basis and keeps a chart for them to track their progress. You will often see participants walking a route through the Center.

10 AM – Morning activity break

Sandra makes her way back to the large activity room for either a seated group exercise program, puzzles, or reading. (The center provides opportunities for reading which include a variety of reading materials such as magazines, newspapers and books.) Today Sandra decides to help out by folding the many napkins used here as she encourages her friends to follow the exercises.

10:30 AM – Snack time!

Sandra has worked up an appetite and is served a snack of cheese and crackers. On other days she may be served fruit, yogurt, bananas, graham crackers, or nutri-grain bars.

11 AM – Word puzzles

Time to get busy again. There are so many choices … what will Sandra choose to do? Will it be reminiscence in Memory Lane, Women’s Group, Music and Movement, Chair Aerobics or Tai Chi in the game room … nope, it’s the Word Games in the Large Activity Room today for Sandra and her friends. They are busy sorting letters to make new words, or are solving puzzles by identifying the clues. Wow, that was a challenge. Who knew we could make 100 small words from a phrase. Feeling quite accomplished, our four friends are ready for lunch.

12 Noon – Chatting before lunch

Sandra stays in the Large Activity Room chatting with friends as the staff prepares for lunch.

12:30 PM – Lunchtime

feedmore logoLunch time! Lunch is catered daily by Feedmore and there is always a variety on the menu. We can tell that lunch is ready by walking up and down the halls. There could be smells of cream of turkey, creole meatballs, baked chicken, scalloped potatoes with a hamburger, Mildred’s meatloaf, chicken pot pie, pulled BBQ, and many other options. Sandra will relax, enjoy her lunch and fuel herself for the rest of her busy day.

1:30 PM – Building important skills

Once again there are decisions to be made. What’s on the activity calendar today? Will it be strength training, bingo, arts and crafts, stroke group, or music therapy? Today Sandra decides on stroke group with Sheila, our Participant Care Coordinator. Building skills, accessing community resources, and gaining support from fellow participants is the goal of this group. How time flies when you are having fun and making memories.

2:30 PM – Afternoon snack

Sandra returns to the Large Activity Room for the afternoon snack. Many times our afternoon snack is made by participants in Dawn’s cooking class. Everyone enjoys angel food cupcakes or brownies.

3 PM – More choices for afternoon activity

sandraAfter snack, the day starts to wind down but Sandra does not remain idle. You can find her either bowling on the wii, playing “deal or no deal”, attending the coloring group, or participating in a sing-a-long group with our music therapist. Sandra has been working on developing new skills and working on improving in areas that she wants to gain more strength.

4 PM – Closing the day

Sandra returns to the Large Activity Room where she may choose a low-key game or two, and there’s always a little more time for socializing at the table with “the girls” and one last conversation for the day.

4:30 PM – Heading home

After a fulfilling and joy-filled day at the center, Sandra is ready to go home and spend the evening with her family. She’ll be back again tomorrow for another day of activities and opportunities for memories.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our journey through A Day in the Life at Circle Center. We loved having you, stop in any time!

Circle Center’s mission of providing comprehensive and individualized quality care for participants is achieved through the person centered care they receive while at the Center. All team members have a unique and special role that promotes the participants choice as to how they choose to fill their day. The nursing team provides individualized care, whether it be wellness checks, medication needs or communicating with family. Our social workers, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, music therapist and activity coordinators all combine to plan and coordinate programs to meet the social, physical, cognitive, spiritual and emotional needs of each of our participants.

Following are examples of specific groups provided at Circle Center:

Wellness Groups facilitated at the Center to include chair exercise groups, wii bowling, strength training, range of motion, balance at the bar, and leg strengthening exercises along with individual one-on-one sessions. Participants also engage in a walking program facilitated by our Wellness program. The Wellness activities and groups are led and supervised by Nick, one of our recreational therapists, who has a specialization in personal training for geriatrics.

Music Therapy programs consist of sing-a-longs, music trivia, drumming circles, and rhythmic auditory stimulation which take place in large, and small group settings or during one-on-one sessions with Katie, our music therapist.

Memory Lane programs include Montessori based activities for persons with dementia, individual multi-sensory environment sessions, and Reminiscence Therapy groups. These groups are led and supervised by our Memory Lane Manager, Elizabeth, another one of our Recreational Therapists.

Arts and Crafts programs and groups led by our activity coordinators consist of card making groups, Pathways music and Reminiscence Therapy programs, themed trivia games, cooking groups, nail salon, and also group activities such as word games, dominoes and bingo.

Group meetings from which to choose include stroke group, men’s group, participant/support group discussion, and women’s group led by members of our professional staff.

This Month at Circle Center

Circle Center will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2023 in observance of Memorial Day.

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