How it works


If you’ve landed here, you’ve likely already read about us and about our program and are interested in exploring the Center further while getting answers to your specific questions.

While each prospective participant and their family are unique, below are the typical steps that apply to everyone interested in Circle Center.

Steps to follow:

1Contact our Director of Social Work, Jay Burkhardt, MSW with any questions you have that we may not have answered here on our site. You can reach Jay at or 805-355-5717 x210.

2Schedule a tour. This is a good time to discuss costs and payment process.

3Complete and return the medical statement and pre-admission forms to Jay.

4 Jay will schedule a time for you, your loved one, and our team to develop a plan of care.

5Jay will schedule your loved one’s first day at the Center.

How quickly can your loved one start attending Circle Center? Within 30 days after we receive their medical statement and pre-admission forms, complete with their physician‘s signature. In that time, our team will meet with you and your loved one to develop a plan of care (step #4 above) which is key to your loved one’s successful transition. We do our best to accommodate each participant and their family’s wishes regarding start dates.

Thanks to Circle Center, Mom is no longer agitated and stuck at home. Instead, she’s enjoys a routine of engaging activities every day.

– Allie, Caregiver