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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you handling health & safety related to COVID-19?

Please click HERE for the latest regarding our policies and procedures related to COVID-19.

Where are you located?

900 West Marshall Street
Richmond, VA  23230

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What are your hours?

Our current hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm.


Who uses adult day care?

Many caregivers who work outside the home are unable to stay home to care for loved ones. In addition, caregivers who do not work outside the home may wish a break from caregiving to run errands, socialize, or simply to rest.

How often do participants attend?

Participants may attend 3 days, 4 days or 5 days a week

How much does it cost?

Cost is $100 per day.  Fees are to be paid one week in advance unless other arrangements are made. Families are responsible to pay for any days scheduled but not attended.

Can Medicaid help?

Circle Center is certified as an Adult Day Health Care provider. Participants who have Medicaid benefits and who qualify through the nursing home pre-admission screening program may be eligible for Medicaid reimbursement. There may be a co-payment, based on income.

Can Medicare help?

Medicare does not pay for adult day services.

Will long-term care insurance cover costs?

Depending on the policy, benefits generally include adult daycare if the participant meets level of care criteria.

What about veterans benefits?

Depending on the policy, Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits generally include adult daycare if the participant meets level of care criteria.

Are scholarships available?

Participants who need financial assistance and who do not qualify for Medicaid may apply for a Center scholarship.

Is transportation available?

The Center does not provide direct transportation but will help the family arrange for and coordinate transportation with one of several area providers.

Note: Adult daycare and transportation fees qualify as deductible medical expenses for taxpayers who itemize. Center staff and your tax advisor can provide more detail.

What happens when the Center is closed but we are scheduled to attend?

The Center is typically closed for 7 holidays during the calendar year. We will communicate those dates to families during the intake process, as well as through our regular communications to families and caregivers throughout the year, so that you may plan accordingly. As the Center is closed, you are not responsible for payment. Similarly, if the Center needs to unexpectedly close for any day for inclement weather, etc., you will not be charged.

If your loved one is scheduled to attend on a day that the Center is closed and you would like for them to attend an alternate day that week, please contact Jay to see if that is possible. Rescheduled participants will pay the established drop in rate for that day.




What do I do if my loved one is feeling sick?

If your loved one is experiencing any illness or exhibiting any Covid symptoms, please call the Center (804.355.5717) and ask to speak with the Nurse regarding the status of your loved and one to make a plan about next steps.

Participants are financially responsible for the days they do not attend the Center due to illness.

This Month at Circle Center

Circle Center will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2023 in observance of Memorial Day.

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