Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate
our 45th Anniversary!

As we approached this milestone anniversary, to be celebrated as we were all navigating the transition out of a  difficult and challenging time, we knew the best way to honor our history and support our future was by Celebrating Connections. We’ve all felt the impact of the loss of connections during the Pandemic, and that loss has only bolstered our mission of providing personalized programs for our aging adults, and support for caregivers.

To celebrate our 45th Anniversary and our legacy of Creating Connections, we crafted a special WEEK of events and celebrations to honor our past and support our future. We were so excited to unveil our new logo, tagline, mission and vision, created during the darkest days of the Pandemic, that is so full of light and promise. Read more about that project HERE. We introduced our Stories of Connection campaign, and we invite you to learn more and participate as we continue to highlight the importance of Creating Connections. Click HERE to learn more. We had an auction, played BINGO and celebrated with special programs and activities here at the Center. Most importantly, we received an outpouring of support and generosity from all of YOU, and we surpassed our goal of raising $45,000 to ensure our future. Thank you to our sponsors, donors and friends who made this possible

Thank you for championing the independence of our aging adults, for recognizing the importance of our work in offering person centered care and community based activities and programs, and for providing a future of connections for the aging adults we serve.